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Newsletter Summer 2021

July 9, 2021 | Newsletter
Group of children laughing and blowing bubbles.

Community of Support

A sense of community can be felt everywhere on the All Star Campus. You can see groups of kids playing on the playground and foster parents grilling outside their homes or talking at the picnic tables. Clinical staff can be seen driving kids around the campus on the red golf cart and talking with foster parents on the front porches of their homes. Volunteers round out this incredible sense of unity by offering their time and compassion to the youth on campus, whether it’s through tutoring or music class or playing together outside. Bi-weekly foster parent support groups strengthen the connection and support between these dedicated caregivers and our mental health staff. No one goes it alone at All Star!

Going beyond the support and enrichment services offered on campus, this sense of community really shines through in the little moments: Kids laughing together on the tree swings and creating artwork on the sidewalk with chalk. Knocking on the doors of their neighbors, asking if their friend can come out to play. Picking sun-ripened mulberries from the tree in the campus garden. These little, every day moments are as wholesome as a Norman Rockwell painting, and they perfectly illustrate the progress All Star is making through trauma-informed care for those in the foster care system.

We Need You in Our Community, Too

There are a variety of ways to support All Star’s work and foster families.

  • Volunteer – We have volunteer opportunities across our organization! Youth care, organizing the children’s boutique, covering the front desk, and just about everything in between! Learn more and apply.
  • Buy a Brick – Help pave the way to brighter futures for children in foster care through our brick fundraiser opportunity. A great way to honor a loved one! Buy a Brick
  • Stay connected and share our work through social media! The more people we reach, the more lives we can save. Find us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  • Become an All-Star Foster Parent! Learn more by emailing Jolee Grobleski.

Summer Splash Bash Kicks Off Summer Break

To celebrate the end of the school year, All Star hosted a Summer Splash Bash party for campus families. Slip and slides, a huge inflatable water slide, and many water squirters were among the refreshing ways to start the summer! At the end of the event, one excited child asked eagerly, “Can we do this again in four days?!”

All Star Receives Continued Support from Charles & Margery Barancik Foundation

A partnership between All Star and Charles & Margery Barancik is seeking to build brighter futures for children in foster care and the families who support them. The All Star model features six core programs: evidenced-based clinical therapies, foster parent support, trauma training, biological family engagement, children’s enrichment programs, and trauma-informed systems integrations.

Barancik Foundation previously provided a $1 million grant in 2017 that supported the initial creation of these programs. A recent additional grant of $250,000 will help boost these efforts and allow the organization to not only focus on program delivery but also research.

“We are so grateful that Barancik Foundation continues to offer critical support to All Star in pursuit of our mission” says Graci McGillicuddy, All Star’s co-founder and board president. “We are well on our way to creating an evidence-based model to transform the foster care system through innovation, science, and compassion.”

All Star Chidren’s Foundation continues to grow!

Help create brighter futures for children in foster care. We are hiring for the following positions:

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