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Become an All Star Foster Parent

All Star Children’s Foundation is introducing a new concept in foster care, designed to help children heal from the trauma experienced from abuse and neglect. The heart of all that we do begins in the homes located on our Campus of Hope and Healing- where our foster parents will live and be hands on healing agents to our most vulnerable children.

Can I bring biological children?

Yes, you can bring your biological children to live on campus as well. Your biological children will have access to many of the same supports as the foster children have, such as therapy, enrichment classes like art and music, and all the parties and activities.

Who will license me?

Safe Children Coalition (SCC) is the licensing body for the 12th Judicial Circuit, which All Star resides within. Your license through the SCC is renewable on a yearly basis.

Can my family visit?

Yes, your family is welcome to visit as long as the foster parent is following the guidelines of their foster parent license.

What are the requirements?

It is required that you are a level 2 foster parent to live on our campus. We also ask that you participate in our Resource Parenting Curriculum (Trauma-informed parenting classes) and participate in our research study as well.

How long do I need to live on campus?

We ask for a two-year commitment to live on the All Star Campus. This request asks for full commitment and participation in our programs in exchange for living in a like-minded community of caregivers who lean on and support each other while living in close proximity to essential services.

Can I be single and live on the Campus of Hope & Healing?

We welcome different types of family orientations, from husband/wife to mother/daughter or sister/sister.

Do I have to be perfect?

Not at all! This opportunity is offered to licensed foster parents with a calling to make a difference in their community. The children placed in foster care on our campus need stable, caring, supportive adults to nurture them on their journey to healing. The most successful foster parents are open-minded, dependable, patient, and willing to try new things to help the children in their home succeed.

Interested in foster care opportunities?

For more information, please complete this form or contact Jolee Grobleski by email at or by phone at 941-259-3694.