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Who We Are

Our Mission

The mission of All Star Children’s Foundation is to build brighter futures for children in foster care through innovation, science, and compassion.

Our Vision

We envision a world in which: 

  • Children and families in foster care are safe, empowered, and valued. They are given the opportunity, skills, resilience, and supports to lead healthy and productive lives.
  • Intergenerational cycles of abuse and neglect have been broken.
  • Policy makers, child welfare systems, educators, and the public understand the needs of children in the foster care system and are committed to making this a better world for our most vulnerable children and families.


The current foster care system all too often fails to address childhood trauma and the complex needs of children and families with child welfare involvement. Studies show that children placed in foster care have experienced multiple forms of trauma and face lifelong struggles including health problems, homelessness, early pregnancy, arrest, incarceration, and sex trafficking. Up to 80% of children in foster care have significant mental health issues, compared to approximately 18-22% of the general population. Moreover, child welfare and mental health systems are overburdened and underfunded, limiting their ability to provide comprehensive, trauma-informed services to this population. ASCF plans to change the trajectory of the lives of children for the better through its six core programs.

Each of these programs are evaluated by an internal research and evaluation team to create effective models that can be replicated around the country.

What makes ASCF’s approach unique?

Early Intervention

All Star provides evidence-based, trauma informed services and interventions as early on in a child’s involvement with foster care as possible.

Specialized, Trauma-Informed Care

We are using evidence-based clinical practices during timely and routine mental health sessions with licensed mental health therapists. We apply Trauma-Informed care practices in all aspects of the children’s interactions on our campus with staff, volunteers, foster parents, and any others who may come into contact with the children on our campus.

A Nurturing Culture of Caring

All Star has created a community that collaborates to create a loving, safe environment where the children feel safe, nurtured, and supported.

Continuity of Care

ASCF is working to break down silos through collaboration with other child serving systems who are simultaneously working with the children on our campus and in our care.

Keeping Siblings Together

50% of siblings are separated due to a shortage of foster homes. On the All Star Campus of Hope and Healing, sibling groups remain together.

Finances and Reporting

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