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Enrichment Programs

When children live under severe and ongoing stress, it takes all their energy and focus to keep themselves safe. These children are so often deprived of opportunities to experience the wonders of life that fuel hope for the future. All Star is offering an array of enrichment programs for children to experience and through which to learn about life’s goodness, including art, pets, music, sports, yoga, and more. These experiences build resiliency and competency and create an opportunity for supportive relationships that can help to ignite a foundational belief that life can be both safe and beautiful.

We have been able to respond to the needs of the children on campus and provide tutoring services in our clubhouse computer lab, as well as music and art classes. We are branching out into working with animals, having sports options, yoga, and other possibilities. It has been amazing to see the children respond so well to these offerings. We are also collaborating with organizations in the community to bring enrichment activities to the children and families on our campus.

Creativity is intelligence having fun.
Albert Einstein