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All Star’s internal research team examines the impact of each of the 6 Core Programs and how they affect child development over time. Taking a longitudinal lifespan approach to the research models allows All Star to draw conclusions about how innovative programs and multidisciplinary components provide meaningful impact for children and families served by the child welfare system.

All Star’s research program contributes to the existing state of evidence in child welfare by utilizing multi-method and multi-informant models of data collection to understand the human component of family dynamics and resulting impacts on child development.

Use of robust analytic techniques and methodologies with consistent focus on reliability, validity, and variation in reports provide accurate representations of intersections among family and caregiver relationships to elucidate potential impact on child growth and development.

Results from our research and program evaluation efforts are slated for dissemination among local and state-level entities within the child welfare system. The overarching goal is to learn how, when, where and under what circumstances All Star’s innovative core programs impact children and families engaged with the child welfare system and to share that information in a meaningful way. We also seek to create replicable models that can be shared and implemented across the state and beyond.