Employment Opportunities

Clinical Counselor

ASCF is looking for an experienced Clinical Counselor to provide evidence-based, trauma-informed assessment, treatment planning, and intervention services to children and families involved with Florida’s child welfare system. This position is essential to ensuring comprehensive, evidence-based care for each child and family residing on campus, as well as upholding a trauma-informed approach to all interactions and tasks.


The Psychologist at ASCF contributes to the quality and comprehensiveness of services our agency provides to children and families with histories of trauma. In particular, the Psychologist is responsible for overseeing the implementation of comprehensive trauma-informed assessment and consultation services at ASCF, as well as contributing to the program development and evaluation of these programmatic areas.

Case Manager

ASCF’s Case Manager (CM) offers assistance with multisystem navigation, supports timely access to care, and promotes cross-systems collaboration for the children and families served by ASCF. This position is instrumental in teaming with ASCF’s multidisciplinary team of professionals to comprehensively assess child and family needs, ensuring timely access to care for ASCF clients, and keeping a pulse on the dependency case. The ideal candidate for the CM position will be a certified Child Welfare Case Manager in the State of Florida with working knowledge of both the child welfare and mental health systems of care, as well as strong organizational, time management, and written/verbal communication skills.

Interested applicants can email Chelsea Hernandez, Clinical Director, at ChelseaH@allstarchildren.org or call her at 941-217-6503.