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What We Do

At ASCF, we are on a mission to building a brighter future for children in foster care through innovation, science, and compassion.

We believe that we can fulfill this mission by adopting evidence-based, trauma-informed practices that recognize the intergenerational nature of trauma among children in foster care and address their complex and diverse needs. We focus on educating, supporting, and empowering the adults around a child to promote safe, trusting adult-child relationships within which children can thrive.

At present, we provide the following services to our community:

Foster Care Placement

ASCF’s 5-acre Campus of Hope and Healing is comprised of 6 family-style foster homes, an on-site Pediatric Mental Health and Research Center, a community Clubhouse, and various enrichment programs. Licensed out-of-home foster parents reside in the homes full time and accept children ages 0 to 18 who enter foster care from DeSoto, Manatee, and Sarasota counties. ASCF foster parents receive intensive, specialized training in trauma-informed parenting and are committed to birth family engagement and supporting the emotional and behavioral health of all children and their families.

Evidence-based Mental Health Services

The ASCF Clinical Department includes a multidisciplinary team of professionals with advanced training and expertise in addressing the mental health needs of children in foster care who have experienced trauma. All children who receive mental health services at ASCF participate in a comprehensive assessment, multidisciplinary staffing and treatment planning, mental health monitoring, and evidence-based interventions (if indicated).

Foster Parent & Community Trainings

ASCF provides agency and community foster parents with advanced training in trauma-informed foster parenting through several evidence-based curricula. All ASCF staff participate in trauma training and commit to upholding principles of trauma-informed care in all interactions with children and families. ASCF staff are also available to provide trauma trainings to community providers and partners when requested.


ASCF combines proven, evidence-based interventions and approaches to the needs of children and families involved in the child welfare system in unique and comprehensive ways. In areas where limited research and literature guides intervention or practice, ASCF staff develop innovative approaches based on trauma-informed principles.


ASCF’s research team captures data that allows us to understand immediate and long-term interactions occurring among caregivers and within families during a child’s foster care experience.  This science-based approach helps ASCF become better equipped to advocate for change, promote positive outcomes, and disrupt intergenerational cycles of trauma.


ASCF staff are dedicated to the organization’s mission and to treating all individuals with care, compassion, and respect. Adopting an organizational culture of trauma-informed care provides staff with the skills and resources to ensure that all children and families feel safe, valued, and empowered while on our campus.

"The more healthy relationships a child has, the more likely they will be to recover from trauma.”
Bruce D. Perry, Psychiatrist