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Terri Klauber

January 19, 2024 |
Terri Klauber

Terri Klauber is dedicated to improving the lives of children and families locally and across the globe. For 13 years, she has served on the Advisory Board of Make-A-Wish Southern Florida, where her unwavering passion has been instrumental in the creation and continued chairing of the “Cooking For Wishes” event, raising millions of dollars to fulfill children’s dreams.

Terri extends her dedication to collaborating with organizations like Easterseals, The Child Protection Center, and The All Star Children’s Foundation, playing pivotal roles in event chairing and fundraising, leaving a lasting impact on those in need.

Her efforts have earned her national recognition, ranking her among the top 100 women to KNOW across America, a prestigious honor from KNOW Women, a global organization celebrating influential and honorable women.

In 2013, Terri, alongside her husband Michael, co-founded the All Heart Fund, introducing the legendary “Safari Sarasota” events. Their vision and fundraising efforts have led to seven digital learning schools in remote South African areas, empowering thousands of young individuals with vital technology skills, and enabling them to secure jobs.

Terri’s passions for travel, cooking, and photography translate into action, as she and Michael have hosted over 40 international food and wine trips for their Gulf Coast Connoisseur Club, exploring extraordinary destinations.

She also holds a significant role as the Director of Community Engagement at Michael’s on East, the iconic restaurant and events company. However, Terri’s most cherished role is as a devoted mother to four and a loving grandmother to seven. Terri’s gift of compassion, boundless positivity, and endless encouragement inspire her family and those she touches to embrace the limitless possibilities that await in their futures.